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Noun: reporting  ri'por-ting
  1. The news as presented by reporters for newspapers, radio or television
    - coverage, reportage
Verb: report  ri'port
  1. To give an account or representation of in words
    "Discreet Italian police reported it in a manner typically continental";
    - describe, account
  2. Announce as the result of an investigation, experience or finding
    "Dozens of incidents of wife beatings are reported daily in this city"; "The team reported significant advances in their research"
  3. Announce one's presence
    "I report to work every day at 9 o'clock"
  4. Make known to the authorities
    "One student reported the other to the principal"
  5. Be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism
    "Snow reported on China in the 1950's";
    - cover
  6. Complain about; make a charge against
    "I reported her to the supervisor"

Derived forms: reportings

Type of: announce, complain, denote, inform, kick [informal], kvetch [N. Amer, informal], moan, news, plain [archaic], sound off

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