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Verb: resist  ri'zist
  1. Elude, especially in a baffling way
    "This behaviour resists explanation";
    - defy, refuse
  2. Stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something
    - hold out, withstand, stand firm, dispute [archaic]
  3. Express opposition through action or words
    - protest, dissent
  4. Withstand the force of something
    "The trees resisted her";
    - stand, fend
  5. Resist immunologically the introduction of some foreign tissue or organ
    "His body resisted the liver of the donor";
    - reject, refuse
  6. Refuse to comply
    - balk, baulk [Brit], jib

Derived forms: resists, resisting, resisted

Type of: contradict, controvert, defend, disobey, dispute, elude, escape, fight, fight back, fight down, oppose, react, reply, respond

Antonym: apply, give up

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