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Adjective: reticulate  ri'ti-kyu,leyt
  1. Resembling or forming a network
    "the reticulate veins of a leaf";
    - reticular
Verb: reticulate  ri'ti-kyu,leyt
  1. Form a net or a network
  2. Distribute by a network, as of water or electricity
  3. Divide so as to form a network

Derived forms: reticulating, reticulated, reticulates

See also: cancellate, cancellated, clathrate, crisscross, crisscrossed, fretted, interconnected, interlaced, interrelated, lacey, lacy, latticed, latticelike, meshed, netlike, netted, networklike, webbed, webby, weblike

Type of: change, distribute, form

Antonym: nonreticulate

Encyclopedia: Reticulate