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Adjective: revealing  ri'vee-ling
  1. Disclosing unintentionally
    "a revealing smile";
    - telling, telltale
  2. Showing or making known
    "her dress was scanty and revealing"
Noun: revealing  ri'vee-ling
  1. The speech act of making something evident
    - disclosure, revelation
Verb: reveal  ri'veel
  1. Make visible
    "Summer reveals bright clothes";
    - uncover, bring out, unveil
  2. Make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret
    "The actress won't reveal how old she is";
    - unwrap, disclose, let on, bring out, discover, expose, divulge, break, give away, let out, lay bare
  3. (theology) disclose directly or through prophets
    "God rarely reveals his plans for mankind"

Derived forms: revealings

See also: indicative, indicatory, informative, informatory, revelatory, significative, suggestive

Type of: show, speech act, tell

Antonym: concealing

Encyclopedia: Revealing