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Noun: revising  ri'vI-zing
  1. Editing that involves writing something again
    - rewriting
Verb: revise  ri'vIz
  1. Make revisions in
    "revise a thesis"
  2. Reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving
    "We must revise the town's economy";
    - retool
  3. [Brit] Study intensively, as before an exam
    "I revised the material before the test";
    - cram [informal], grind away, bone up [informal], swot [Brit, informal], get up [informal], mug up [Brit, informal], swot up [Brit, informal], bone [informal]
  4. [Brit] Refresh one's memory
    "I revised the material before the test";
    - review, brush up, refresh

Type of: call back, call up, editing, hit the books, recall, recollect, redaction, remember, reorganise [Brit], reorganize, retrieve, rewrite, shake up, study, think

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