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Noun: roman  row-mun
  1. A typeface used in ancient Roman inscriptions
    - roman type, roman letters, roman print
Adjective: Roman  row-mun
  1. (antiquity) of or relating to or derived from Rome (especially ancient Rome)
    "the old Roman wall"; "Roman architecture";
    - Romanic
  2. Characteristic of the modern type that most directly represents the type used in ancient Roman inscriptions
  3. Of or relating to or supporting Romanism
    "the Roman Catholic Church";
    - R.C., Romanist, Roman Catholic, papistical [archaic]
  4. Relating to or characteristic of people of Rome
    "Roman virtues"; "his Roman bearing in adversity"; "a Roman nose"
Noun: Roman  row-mun
  1. An inhabitant of the ancient Roman Empire
  2. A resident of modern Rome

Derived forms: romans, Romans

Type of: European, Italian, proportional font

Part of: capital of Italy, Eternal City, Italian capital, Roma, Roman Empire, Rome

Encyclopedia: Roman, Richard