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Noun: rout  rawt
  1. An overwhelming defeat
  2. [N. Amer] A disorderly crowd of people
    - mob, rabble, scrum [Brit]
Verb: rout  rawt
  1. Cause to flee
    "rout out the fighters from their caves";
    - rout out, expel
  2. Dig with the snout
    "the pig was routing for truffles";
    - root, rootle
  3. Cut out a groove or hollow using a sharp implement
    - gouge
  4. Defeat disastrously
    - spread-eagle [informal], spreadeagle [informal]

Derived forms: routing, routs

Type of: beat, beat out, core out, crowd, crush, cut into, defeat, delve [archaic], dig, get the better of, hollow, hollow out, licking, overcome, shell, trounce, turn over, vanquish

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