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Noun: rubbing  rú-bing
  1. The resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another
    - friction
  2. Representation consisting of a copy (as of an engraving) made by laying paper over something and rubbing it with charcoal
  3. Effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure
    - friction, detrition
Verb: rub (rubbed,rubbing)  rúb
  1. Move over something with pressure
    "rub my hands"; "rub oil into her skin"
  2. Cause friction
    "my sweater rubs";
    - fray, fret, chafe, scratch
  3. Scrape with the fingers as if to relieve itching
    "Don't rub your insect bites!";
    - scratch, itch

Derived forms: rubbings

See also: abrase, erase, massage

Type of: adjoin, contact, draw, effort, elbow grease, exertion, guide, irritate, meet, pass, representation, resistance, run, sweat [informal], touch, travail [literary]

Encyclopedia: Rubbing