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Adjective: ruled  roold
  1. Subject to a ruling authority
    "the ruled mass"
  2. Having printed lines
    "ruled paper"
Verb: rule  rool
  1. Exercise authority over; as of nations
    "Who is ruling the country now?";
    - govern
  2. Decide with authority
    "The King ruled that all firstborn males should be killed";
    - decree
  3. Be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance
    "Hispanics rule in this neighbourhood";
    - predominate, dominate, reign, prevail
  4. Decide on and make a declaration about
    "rule someone guilty";
    - find
  5. Have an affinity with; of signs of the zodiac
  6. Mark or draw with a ruler
    "rule the margins"
  7. Keep in check
    "rule one's temper";
    - harness, rein
  8. Be exceptionally good or the best
    - excel, stand out, surpass

See also: rule out, subordinate

Type of: accompany, attach to, come with, command, control, decide, determine, draw, go with, hold back, judge, keep, keep back, label, make up one's mind, pronounce, restrain

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