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Adjective: rumpled  rúm-puld
  1. In disarray; extremely disorderly
    "a rumpled unmade bed";
    - disheveled [US], dishevelled [Brit, Cdn], frowzled, tousled
Verb: rumple  rúm-pul
  1. Disturb the smoothness of
    "rumple the surface of the water";
    - ruffle, ruffle up, mess up
  2. To gather something into small wrinkles or folds
    "She rumpled her lips";
    - pucker, cockle, crumple, knit
  3. Become wrinkled, crumpled or creased
    "This fabric won't rumple";
    - crumple, wrinkle, crease, crinkle

See also: untidy

Type of: crease [archaic], crinkle [archaic], crisp [archaic], disarrange, fold, fold up, ruckle [archaic], scrunch [archaic], scrunch up [archaic], wrinkle [archaic]

Encyclopedia: Rumpled