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Noun: sabine pine
  1. Medium-sized five-needled pine of southwestern California having long cylindrical cones
    - Torrey pine, Torrey's pine, soledad pine, grey-leaf pine [Brit, Cdn], Pinus torreyana, gray-leaf pine [US]
Noun: Sabine  su'been or 'sey,bIn or 'sa,bIn
  1. A river in eastern Texas that flows south into the Gulf of Mexico
    - Sabine River
  2. A member of an ancient Oscan-speaking people of the central Apennines north of Rome who were conquered and assimilated into the Roman state in 290 BC
Adjective: Sabine  su'been or 'sey,bIn or 'sa,bIn
  1. Of or relating to or characteristic of the Sabines

Derived forms: Sabines

Type of: Italian, pine, pine tree, river, true pine

Part of: Italia, Italian Republic, Italy, Lone-Star State, Tex., Texas, TX

Encyclopedia: Sabine, Queensland