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Adjective: saturated  'sa-chu,rey-tid
  1. Being the most concentrated solution possible at a given temperature; unable to dissolve still more of a substance
    "a saturated solution";
    - concentrated
  2. (chemistry) used especially of organic compounds; having all available valence bonds filled
    "saturated fats"
  3. (of colour) being chromatically pure; not diluted with white, grey or black
    - pure
  4. Soaked or drenched with moisture
    "our jeans and shoes were saturated in a sudden downpour"
  5. Fully used, having no free capacity
    "The telecommunications system was saturated and substandard"
Verb: saturate  'sa-chu,reyt
  1. (chemistry) cause (a chemical compound, vapour, solution, magnetic material) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance
  2. Infuse or fill completely
    "saturate the cloth with alcohol";
    - impregnate
  3. (business) supply enough to more than meet demand
    "It can take months or even years before a product can enter, let alone, break or saturate the market"

See also: intense, supersaturated, vivid

Type of: alter, change, fill, fill up, modify

Antonym: unsaturated

Encyclopedia: Saturated

Saturate, aromatic, resin and asphaltene