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Verb: savvy  sa-vee
  1. Get the meaning of something
    "Do you savvy the meaning of this letter?";
    - grok [N. Amer], get the picture, comprehend, dig, grasp, compass, apprehend
Noun: savvy  sa-vee
  1. The cognitive condition of someone who understands
    - understanding, apprehension, discernment
Adjective: savvy (savvier,savviest)  sa-vee
  1. Possessing sound knowledge
    "savvy readers";
    - intelligent, well-informed, clued-up [Brit]
  2. Marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
    - astute, sharp, shrewd, argute [literary]

Derived forms: savvying, savviest, savvies, savvied, savvier

See also: smart, sophisticated

Type of: knowing, understand

Encyclopedia: Savvy