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Noun: scam  skam
Usage: informal
  1. A fraudulent business scheme
    - cozenage [archaic], rort [Austral, informal]
Verb: scam (scammed,scamming)  skam
Usage: informal
  1. Deprive of by deceit
    "He scammed me out of my inheritance";
    - victimize, swindle, rook, goldbrick [N. Amer, informal], nobble [Brit, informal], diddle [informal], bunco [N. Amer, informal], defraud, mulct, hornswoggle [N. Amer, informal], short-change, con [informal], victimise [Brit], grift [N. Amer, informal], ream [N. Amer, informal], bunko [N. Amer, informal]

Derived forms: scams, scamming, scammed

Type of: cheat, chisel [informal], fraud, rig, rip off [informal], swindle

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