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Adjective: scrambled  skram-buld
  1. Thrown together in a disorderly fashion
    "a scrambled plan of action"
Verb: scramble  skram-bul
  1. To move hurriedly
    "The friend scrambled after them"
  2. Climb awkwardly over rough or steep ground, often also using hands
    - clamber, shinny [N. Amer, informal], struggle
  3. Bring into random order
    - jumble, throw together
  4. Make unintelligible
    "scramble the message so that nobody can understand it"
  5. (military) quickly deploy vehicles, esp. aircraft, in response to an emergency or make an attack
  6. (cooking) stir vigorously
    "scramble the egg whites";
    - beat

See also: disorganised [Brit], disorganized

Type of: agitate, alter, change, climb, commove, disarray, disorder, disturb, go, locomote, modify, move, raise up, shake up, stir up, travel, vex

Antonym: unscramble

Encyclopedia: Scrambled