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Noun: sealing  see-ling
  1. The act of treating something to make it repel water
    - waterproofing
Verb: seal  seel
  1. Make tight; secure against leakage
    "seal the windows";
    - seal off
  2. Close with or as if with a seal
    "She sealed the letter with hot wax"
  3. Decide irrevocably
    "sealing dooms"
  4. Affix a seal to
    "seal the letter"
  5. Cover with varnish
    - varnish
  6. Hunt seals

Sounds like: ceiling, seeling

Derived forms: sealings

Type of: affix, close, coat, decide, determine, fill up, hunt, hunt down, make up one's mind, protection, run, shut, stick on, surface, track down

Antonym: unseal

Encyclopedia: Sealing

Seal, Mark