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Noun: selection  si'lek-shun
  1. The act of choosing or selecting
    "your selection of colours was unfortunate";
    - choice, option, pick
  2. An assortment of things from which a choice can be made
    "the store carried a large selection of shoes"
  3. The person or thing chosen or selected
    "he was my selection for mayor";
    - choice, pick
  4. A natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
    - survival, survival of the fittest, natural selection
  5. A passage selected from a larger work
    "he presented selections from William James' philosophical writings";
    - excerpt, excerption, extract

Derived forms: selections

Type of: action, activity, assortment, deciding, decision making, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag [informal], mixture, motley, natural action, natural process, passage, potpourri, salmagundi, smorgasbord, smörgåsbord, variety

Encyclopedia: Selection