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Adjective: serial  seer-ee-ul
  1. In regular succession without gaps
    "serial concerts";
    - consecutive, sequent, sequential, successive
  2. (computing) of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations
    "serial processing";
    - in series, nonparallel
  3. (music) pertaining to or composed in serial technique
    "serial music"
  4. Pertaining to or occurring in or producing a series
    "serial monogamy"; "serial killing"; "a serial killer"; "serial publication"
Noun: serial  seer-ee-ul
  1. A serialized set of programs
    "a comedy serial";
    - series
  2. A periodical that appears at scheduled times
    - series, serial publication

Sounds like: cereal

Derived forms: serials

See also: asynchronous, ordered

Type of: broadcast, periodical, program [N. Amer], programme [Brit, Cdn]

Encyclopedia: Serial