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Noun: shadow  sha-dow
  1. Shade within clear boundaries
  2. An unilluminated area
    "he moved off into the shadow";
    - darkness, dark
  3. Something existing in perception only
    "a ghostly shadow at midnight";
    - apparition, phantom, phantasm, phantasma, fantasm
  4. A premonition of something adverse
    "a shadow over his happiness"
  5. An indication that something has been present
    "there wasn't a shadow of evidence for the claim";
    - trace, vestige, tincture
  6. Refuge from danger or observation
    "he felt secure in his father's shadow"
  7. A dominating and pervasive presence
    "he received little recognition working in the shadow of his father"
  8. A spy employed to follow someone and report their movements
    - tail, shadower
  9. An inseparable companion
    "the poor child was his mother's shadow"
Verb: shadow  sha-dow
  1. Follow, usually without the person's knowledge
    "The police are shadowing her"
  2. Cast a shadow over
    - shade, shade off
  3. Make appear small by comparison
    "This year's debt shadows that of last year";
    - overshadow, dwarf

Derived forms: shadows, shadowed, shadowing

Type of: boding, command, darken, dominate, follow, follower, foreboding, illusion, indicant, indication, overlook, overtop, premonition, presence, presentiment, recourse, refuge, resort, scene, semblance, shade, shadiness, shadowiness, spy

Encyclopedia: Shadow, Virginia