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Adjective: shapely (shapelier,shapeliest)  sheyp-lee
  1. Having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape
    "a slim waist and shapely legs"

Sounds like: shakes, shapely, S

Derived forms: shapelier, shapeliest

See also: bosomy, busty [informal], buxom, callipygian [rare], callipygous [rare], clean-limbed, curvaceous, curvy, full-bosomed, full-fashioned, fully fashioned, Junoesque, modeled [US], modelled [Brit, Cdn], retrouss√©, Rubenesque, sculptural, sculptured, sculpturesque, sonsie [UK, dialect], sonsy [UK, dialect], stacked [slang], statuesque, tip-tilted, upturned, voluptuous, well-endowed [informal], well-proportioned, well-stacked [slang], well-turned

Antonym: unshapely