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Verb: sharpen  shaa(r)-pun
  1. Make sharp or sharper
    "sharpen the knives"
  2. Make crisp or more crisp and precise
    "We had to sharpen our arguments"
  3. Become sharp or sharper
    "The debate sharpened"
  4. Put (an image) into focus
    "Please sharpen the image; we cannot enjoy the movie";
    - focus, focalize, focalise [Brit]
  5. Make (images or sounds) sharp or sharper
  6. (music) raise the pitch of (musical notes)
  7. Give a point to
    - taper, point
  8. Make (one's senses) more acute
    "This drug will sharpen your vision";
    - heighten

Derived forms: sharpens, sharpening, sharpened

See also: focus on

Type of: adjust, alter, change, change form, change intensity, change shape, compound, correct, deepen, deform, heighten, intensify, modify, set

Antonym: blur, drop, dull, soften

Encyclopedia: Sharpen