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Noun: shilling  shi-ling
  1. The basic unit of money in Uganda; equal to 100 cents
    - Ugandan shilling
  2. The basic unit of money in Tanzania; equal to 100 cents
    - Tanzanian shilling
  3. The basic unit of money in Somalia; equal to 100 cents
    - Somalian shilling
  4. The basic unit of money in Kenya; equal to 100 cents
    - Kenyan shilling
  5. A former monetary unit in Great Britain
    - British shilling, bob [UK, informal]
  6. An English coin worth one twentieth of a pound
Verb: shill  shil
Usage: N. Amer, informal
  1. Act as a shill
    "This man shilled and bid for an expensive carpet during the auction in order to drive the price up"

Sounds like: shears, sheers, illing, sch

Derived forms: shillings

Type of: British monetary unit, coin, cozen [literary], deceive, delude, Kenyan monetary unit, lead on, Somalian monetary unit, Tanzanian monetary unit, Ugandan monetary unit

Encyclopedia: Shilling, George

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