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Noun: shipwreck  'ship,rek
  1. A wrecked ship (or a part of one)
  2. An irretrievable loss
    "that was the shipwreck of their romance"
  3. An accident that destroys a ship at sea
    - wreck
Verb: shipwreck  'ship,rek
  1. Ruin utterly
    "You have shipwrecked my career"
  2. Suffer failure, as in some enterprise
  3. (water travel) cause to experience shipwreck
    "They were shipwrecked in one of the mysteries at sea"
  4. Destroy a ship
    "The vessel was shipwrecked"

Derived forms: shipwrecked, shipwrecks, shipwrecking

Type of: accident, destroy, fail, go wrong, miscarry, ruin, ruination, ship, subject

Encyclopedia: Shipwreck