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Adjective: shocked  shókt
  1. Struck with fear, dread, or consternation
    "The union was shocked at the news that up to 1500 jobs were to be lost";
    - aghast, appalled, dismayed
Verb: shock  shók
  1. Greatly surprise
    "I was shocked when I heard that I was promoted";
    - floor, ball over, blow out of the water, take aback
  2. Strike with disgust or revulsion
    "The scandalous behaviour of this married woman shocked her friends";
    - offend, scandalize, scandalise [Brit], appal [Brit, Cdn], appall [US], outrage
  3. Strike with horror or terror
    "The news of the bombing shocked her"
  4. Collide violently
  5. Collect or gather into shocks
    "shock grain"
  6. Subject to electrical shocks
  7. Inflict a trauma upon
    - traumatize, traumatise [Brit]

See also: afraid, 'fraid [non-standard]

Type of: alarm, appal [Brit, Cdn], appall [US], care for, clash, collect, collide, disgust, dismay, garner, gather, horrify, injure, nauseate, pull together, revolt, sicken, surprise, treat, wound

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