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Verb: short-circuit  'short'sur-kit
  1. Hamper the progress of; impede
    "short-circuit warm feelings"
  2. Create a short circuit in
    - short
  3. Avoid something unpleasant or laborious
    "You cannot short-circuit these rules!";
    - bypass, go around, get around
Noun: short circuit  short sur-kit
  1. Accidental contact between two points in an electric circuit that have a potential difference
    - short

Derived forms: short-circuits, short circuits, short-circuited, short-circuiting

Type of: avoid, baffle, bilk [informal], contact, create, cross, foil, frustrate, make, queer [informal], scotch, scupper [informal], spoil, tangency, thwart

Part of: circuit, electric circuit, electrical circuit

Encyclopedia: Short-circuit

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