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Noun: shovel  shú-vul
  1. A hand tool for lifting loose material; consists of a curved container or scoop and a handle
  2. The quantity a shovel can hold
    - shovelful, spadeful
  3. A fire iron consisting of a small shovel used to scoop coals or ashes in a fireplace
  4. A machine for excavating
    - power shovel, excavator, digger
Verb: shovel (shovelled,shovelling, or [US] shoveled,shoveling)  shú-vul
  1. Dig with or as if with a shovel
    "shovel sand"

Derived forms: shoveled, shovelling, shovels, shoveling, shovelled

See also: garbage down [informal], shovel in [informal]

Type of: containerful, cut into, delve [archaic], dig, fire iron, hand tool, machine, turn over

Encyclopedia: Shovel