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Adjective: singsong  'sing,sóng
  1. Uttered in a monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting
    "a singsong manner of speaking";
    - chantlike, intoned
Noun: singsong  'sing,sóng
  1. A regular and monotonous rising and falling intonation
  2. Informal group singing of popular songs
    - singalong
Verb: singsong  'sing,sóng
  1. Speak, chant, or declaim in a singsong
  2. Move as if accompanied by a singsong
    "The porters singsonged the travellers' luggage up the mountain"

Derived forms: singsongs, singsonged, singsonging

See also: rhythmic, rhythmical

Type of: cantillate [rare], chant, displace, intonate, intonation, intone, modulation, move, pitch contour, singing, vocalising [Brit]