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Verb: slash  slash
  1. Cut with sweeping strokes; as with an axe or machete
    - cut down
  2. Beat severely with a whip or rod
    "The teacher often slashed the students";
    - flog, welt, whip, lather, lash, strap, trounce, whale [N. Amer]
  3. Cut open
    "she slashed her wrists";
    - gash
  4. Cut drastically
    "Prices were slashed"
  5. Move or stir about violently
    "The feverish patient slashed around in his bed";
    - convulse, thresh, thresh about, thrash, thrash about, toss, jactitate
Noun: slash  slash
  1. A wound made by cutting
    "he put a bandage over the slash";
    - cut, gash, slice
  2. An open tract of land in a forest that is strewn with debris from logging (or fire or wind)
  3. A punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information
    - solidus [Brit, Cdn], virgule, diagonal, stroke, separatrix
  4. A strong sweeping cut made with a sharp instrument
    - gash
  5. [Brit, vulgar] Informal term for urination
    "he took a slash";
    - pee [informal]

Derived forms: slashing, slashed, slashes

Type of: agitate, beat, beat up, bring down, cut, cut back, cut down, cutting, dry land, earth, ground, land, lesion, micturition, punctuation, punctuation mark, reduce, shake, solid ground, terra firma, trim, trim back, trim down, urination, work over, wound

Encyclopedia: Slash, Virginia