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Adjective: sleek (sleeker,sleekest)  sleek
  1. Well-groomed and neatly tailored; especially too well-groomed
    "sleek figures in expensive clothes"
  2. Designed or arranged to offer the least resistance to fluid flow
    "a sleek convertible";
    - streamlined, aerodynamic, flowing
  3. Having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light; being of a smooth, soft and lustrous quality, resembling silk
    "sleek black fur";
    - satiny, silken, silky, silklike, slick
Verb: sleek  sleek
  1. Make slick or smooth
    - slick

Derived forms: sleeks, sleeking, sleeker, sleeked, sleekest

See also: bright, groomed, smooth

Type of: polish, shine, smooth, smoothen

Encyclopedia: Sleek