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Noun: slope  slowp
  1. A non-flat area of ground that tends upwards or downwards
    "he climbed the steep slope";
    - incline, side
  2. The property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the horizontal
    "a five-degree slope";
    - gradient
  3. [US, offensive] A person of Chinese, Vietnamese or other East Asian descent
Verb: slope  slowp
  1. Be at an angle
    "The terrain sloped down";
    - incline, pitch
  2. Leave without a fuss, esp. to avoid something
    "he sloped off to a local pub";
    - slope off

Derived forms: slopes, sloping, sloped

Type of: angle, formation, geological formation, lean, position, slant, spatial relation, tilt, tip

Part of: elevation, natural elevation

Encyclopedia: Slope, Slovenia