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Verb: slug (slugged,slugging)  slúg
Usage: informal
  1. Strike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat
    "He slugged me so hard that I passed out";
    - slog, swig
  2. Be idle; exist in a changeless situation
    "He slugged in bed all morning";
    - idle, laze, stagnate
  3. To swallow hurriedly, greedily or in one draught
    - gulp, quaff, swig, neck [Brit, informal]
Noun: slug  slúg
  1. A lump of metal
  2. Any of various terrestrial gastropods having an elongated slimy body and no external shell
  3. A projectile that is fired from a gun
    - bullet
  4. A fake coin used in slot machines etc.
  5. A strip of type metal used for spacing
    - type slug
  6. (boxing) a blow with the fist
    "I gave him a slug on his nose";
    - punch, clout, poke, lick, biff [informal], dong [Austral, NZ, informal]
  7. A heavy blow with the hand
    - thump, slog [Brit, informal]
  8. A small drink of liquor
    "he poured a slug of whiskey";
    - nip, shot
  9. A large mouthful of drink
    - gulp, draught [Brit], draft [US]
  10. [informal] An idle slothful person
    - sluggard
  11. A unit of mass equal to the mass that accelerates at 1 foot/sec/sec when acted upon by a force of 1 pound; approximately 14.5939 kilograms

Derived forms: slugged, slugging, slugs

Type of: blow, bum [N. Amer, informal], coin, deadbeat [informal], do-nothing [informal], drink, gasteropod [archaic], gastropod, hit, idler, imbibe, layabout [informal], loafer, mass unit, missile, projectile, shirker [informal], slacker [informal], small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity, type metal, univalve

Part of: cartridge, family Limacidae, Limacidae

Encyclopedia: Slug