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Adjective: smothered  smú-dhu(r)d
  1. Held in check with difficulty
    "a smothered cough";
    - stifled, strangled, suppressed
  2. Completely covered
    "bonnets smothered with flowers"; "smothered chicken is chicken cooked in a seasoned gravy"
Verb: smother  smú-dhu(r)
  1. Envelop completely
    "smother the meat in gravy";
    - surround
  2. Deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing
    "Othello smothered Desdemona with a pillow";
    - asphyxiate, suffocate
  3. Suppress in order to conceal or hide
    "smother a yawn";
    - stifle, strangle, muffle, repress
  4. Form an impenetrable cover over
    "the butter cream smothered the cake"
  5. Deprive of the oxygen necessary for combustion
    "smother fires";
    - put out

See also: covered, inhibited

Type of: bottle up, cover, extinguish, inhibit, kill, snuff out [informal], spread over, suppress

Encyclopedia: Smothered, Covered & Chunked