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Verb: snub (snubbed,snubbing)  snúb
  1. Refuse to acknowledge
    - ignore, disregard, cut
  2. Reject outright and bluntly
    "She snubbed his proposal";
    - rebuff, repel, stiff [N. Amer, informal]
Noun: snub  snúb
  1. An instance of driving away or warding off
    - rebuff, repulse
  2. A refusal to recognize someone you know
    "the snub was clearly intentional";
    - cut, cold shoulder
Adjective: snub  snúb
  1. Unusually short
    "a snub nose"

Derived forms: snubs, snubbing, snubbed

See also: short

Type of: disdain, do by, freeze off, handle, pooh-pooh, rebuff, reject, rejection, scorn, slight, spurn, treat, turn down

Encyclopedia: Snub