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Adjective: sober (soberer,soberest)  sow-bu(r)
  1. Not affected by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)
  2. Completely lacking in playfulness
    - unplayful, serious
  3. Dignified and sombre in manner or character and committed to keeping promises
    "as sober as a judge";
    - grave, sedate, solemn
  4. Lacking brightness or colour; dull
    "sober Puritan grey";
    - drab, somber [US], sombre [Brit, Cdn]
Verb: sober  sow-bu(r)
  1. Cause to become sober
    "A sobering thought"
  2. Become more realistic
    "After thinking about the potential consequences of his plan, he sobered up";
    - sober up
  3. Become sober after excessive alcohol consumption
    "Keep him in bed until he sobers up";
    - sober up

Derived forms: sobered, sobering, soberer, sobers, soberest

See also: cold sober, colorless [US], colourless [Brit, Cdn], drug-free, dry, fun, playfulness, serious, stone-sober, teetotal, uninebriated, unintoxicated

Type of: alter, become, change, get, go, modify

Antonym: intoxicated

Encyclopedia: Sober, Spain