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Adjective: southern (southerner,southernest)  sú-dhu(r)n
  1. Situated in or oriented toward the south
    "a southern exposure";
    - southerly
  2. In or characteristic of a region of the United States south of (approximately) the Mason-Dixon line
    "southern hospitality"; "southern cooking"; "southern plantations"
  3. From the south; used especially of wind
    "southern breezes";
    - southerly
  4. Situated in or coming from regions of the south
    "the Southern Hemisphere"; "southern constellations"

Derived forms: southernest, southerner

See also: austral, Confederacy, Confederate, Confederate States, Confederate States of America, Dixie, Dixieland, gray [US], grey [Brit, Cdn], meridional, south, south-central, Southern United States

Antonym: northern

Encyclopedia: Southern, Michael