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Adjective: spastic  spa-stik
  1. Relating to or characterized by spasm
    "a spastic colon"; "spastic paralysis is a spastic form of cerebral palsy"
  2. Suffering from spastic paralysis
    "a spastic child"
  3. Affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions; resembling a spasm
    "spastic movements";
    - convulsive, spasmodic
Noun: spastic  spa-stik
  1. A person suffering from spastic paralysis
  2. [offensive] A stupid person; used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence
    - dunce, dunderhead, numskull, blockhead, bonehead, lunkhead [N. Amer], hammerhead, knucklehead, loggerhead [archaic], muttonhead, dumbass [N. Amer], lamebrain, chowderhead [N. Amer], pea brain, bubblehead, numbskull, twonk [Brit], lunk [N. Amer]

Derived forms: spastics

See also: ill, sick, unsteady

Type of: dolt, dullard, paralytic, poor fish, pudden-head [US], pudding head, stupe, stupid, stupid person

Encyclopedia: Spastic