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Adjective: spiked  spIkt
  1. Having a long sharp point
Verb: spike  spIk
  1. Stand in the way of
  2. Pierce with a sharp stake or point
    "spike a shrimp on a skewer";
    - transfix, impale, empale
  3. Secure with spikes
  4. Bring forth a spike or spikes
    "my hyacinths and orchids are spiking now";
    - spike out
  5. (cooking) add alcohol to (beverages)
    "the punch is spiked!";
    - lace, fortify
  6. Manifest a sharp increase
    "the voltage spiked"

See also: pointed

Type of: alter, banish, bar, change, develop, fasten, fix, increase, modify, pierce, relegate, secure, thrust

Encyclopedia: Spiked

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