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Adjective: spread-out
  1. Arranged in an only partially overlapping fan shape
    "the spread-out cards";
    - fanned
  2. Spread over a wide area, not concentrated in one place
    "a large spread-out organization";
    - diffuse
Verb: spread out
  1. Move outward
    "The soldiers spread out";
    - diffuse, spread, fan out
  2. Set out or stretch in a line, succession, or series
    "the houses were spread out in a long row";
    - string out
  3. Strew or distribute over an area
    "He spread out fertilizer over the lawn";
    - spread, scatter
  4. Extend in one or more directions
    "The dough spreads out";
    - expand
  5. Turn outward
    - turn out, splay, rotate
  6. Move away from each other
    "The crowds spread out";
    - disperse, dissipate, scatter
  7. Spread out or open from a closed or folded state
    "spread out your arms";
    - unfold, spread, open

Derived forms: spreads out, spread out, spreading out

See also: distribute, distributed

Type of: arrange, circulate, distribute, grow, part, pass around, pass on, separate, set up, split, spread, turn, undo

Antonym: shrink