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Noun: spud  spúd
Usage: informal
  1. An edible tuber native to South America
    - potato, white potato [US], Irish potato [US], murphy [informal], tater [informal], pratie [Ireland], tatie [UK, dialect], aloo [Asia], praty [Ireland], tattie [UK, dialect], alu [Asia]
  2. A sharp hand shovel for digging out roots and weeds
    - stump spud
Verb: spud (spudded,spudding)  spúd
Usage: informal
  1. Initiate drilling operations, as for petroleum
    "The well was spudded in April"
  2. Produce buds, branches, or germinate
    - shoot, germinate, pullulate, bourgeon [archaic], burgeon forth [archaic], sprout, burgeon [archaic]

Derived forms: spudded, spudding, spuds

Type of: bore, drill, grow, hand shovel, root vegetable, solanaceous vegetable, starches

Part of: potato, Solanum tuberosum, white potato [US], white potato vine

Encyclopedia: Spud