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Noun: squabble  skwó-bul
  1. A quarrel about petty points
    "the debate turned into thoughtless squabble";
    - bicker, bickering, spat [informal], tiff [informal], pettifoggery, fuss, brannigan [US, informal]
Verb: squabble  skwó-bul
  1. Argue over petty things
    "Let's not squabble over pennies";
    - quibble, niggle, pettifog, bicker, brabble

Derived forms: squabbles, squabbled, squabbling

Type of: argue, barney [Brit, informal], blue [Austral, NZ, informal], bust-up [informal], contend, debate, ding-dong [Brit, informal], dustup [informal], dust-up, fence, quarrel, row[2], run-in [informal], slanging match [Brit, informal], words, wrangle

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