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Noun: stab  stab
  1. A sudden sharp feeling
    "she felt a stab of excitement";
    - pang, twinge
  2. A strong blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument
    "one strong stab to the heart killed him";
    - thrust, knife thrust
  3. (informal) any attempt or effort
    "he took a stab at forecasting";
    - shot
Verb: stab (stabbed,stabbing)  stab
  1. Use a knife on
    "The victim was stabbed to death";
    - knife
  2. Stab or pierce
    "he stabbed the piece of meat with his pocket knife";
    - jab
  3. Push suddenly or strongly with a finger or something pointed
    "he stabbed his finger into her ribs";
    - jab, prod, poke, dig

Derived forms: stabs, stabbed, stabbing

Type of: attempt, blow, effort, endeavor [US], endeavour [Brit, Cdn], feeling, injure, thrust, try, wound

Encyclopedia: Stab, Kentucky