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Adjective: stipendiary  stI'pen-dee,e-ree [N. Amer], stI'pen-du-ree [Brit]
  1. Receiving or eligible for compensation
    "a stipendiary magistrate";
    - compensated, remunerated, salaried
  2. For which money is paid
    "stipendiary services";
    - compensable, paying, remunerative, salaried
  3. Pertaining to or of the nature of a stipend or allowance
    "stipendiary funds"
Noun: stipendiary  stI'pen-dee,e-ree [N. Amer], stI'pen-du-ree [Brit]
Usage: Brit
  1. (United Kingdom) a paid magistrate (appointed by the Home Secretary) dealing with police cases
    - stipendiary magistrate [Brit]

Derived forms: stipendiaries

See also: paid

Type of: beak [Brit, informal], magistrate

Encyclopedia: Stipendiary