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Adjective: suited  soo-tid
  1. Meant or adapted for an occasion or use
    "a tractor suited for heavy duty";
    - suitable, appropriate
  2. Outfitted or supplied with clothing
    "recruits suited in green"
Verb: suit  soot
  1. Be agreeable or acceptable to
    "This suits my needs";
    - accommodate, fit
  2. Accord or comport with
    "This kind of behaviour does not suit a young woman!";
    - befit, beseem [archaic]
  3. Enhance the appearance of
    "This behaviour doesn't suit you!";
    - become

See also: clad, clothed, fit

Type of: agree, beautify, check, conform to, correspond, embellish, fancify, fill, fit, fulfil [Brit, Cdn], fulfill [N. Amer], gibe, jibe, marry, marry up, match, meet, prettify, satisfy, tally

Encyclopedia: Suited

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