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Adjective: supernatural  ,soo-pu(r)'na-chu-rul
  1. Not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material
    "supernatural forces and occurrences and beings"
Noun: supernatural  ,soo-pu(r)'na-chu-rul
  1. Supernatural forces and events and beings collectively
    "She doesn't believe in the supernatural";
    - occult

Derived forms: supernaturals

See also: apparitional, charming, eerie, eldritch, elfin, fey, ghostlike, ghostly, magic, magical, marvellous [Brit, Cdn], marvelous [US], metaphysical, miraculous, necromantic, nonnatural, otherworldly, phantasmal, preternatural, sorcerous, spectral, spiritual, spooky [informal], talismanic, transcendental, transmundane, uncanny, unearthly, unreal, weird, witching, witchlike, wizard, wizardly

Type of: causal agency, causal agent, cause

Antonym: natural

Encyclopedia: Supernatural