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Noun: swash  swósh
  1. The movement or sound of water
    "the swash of waves on the beach"
Verb: swash  swósh
  1. Make violent, noisy movements
  2. Dash a liquid upon or against
    "The mother swashed the baby's face with water";
    - spatter, splatter, plash, splash, splosh
  3. Show off
    - boast, tout, shoot a line, brag, gas, blow, bluster, vaunt, gasconade [archaic], skite [Austral, NZ]
  4. Act in an arrogant, overly self-assured, or conceited manner
    - swagger, bluster

Derived forms: swashes, swashing, swashed

Type of: act, amplify, behave, disperse, do, dot, dust, exaggerate, go, hyperbolise [Brit], hyperbolize, locomote, magnify, move, moving ridge, overdraw, overstate, scatter, sprinkle, travel, wave

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