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Noun: sweetheart  'sweet,haa(r)t
  1. A person loved by another person
    - sweetie [informal], steady [informal], truelove, bae [US, informal]
  2. Any well-liked individual
    "he's a sweetheart"
  3. A very attractive or seductive looking woman
    - smasher [Brit, informal], stunner [informal], knockout [informal], beauty, ravisher, peach [informal], lulu [informal], looker [informal], mantrap [informal], dish [Brit, informal], patootie [US, informal], babe [informal], honey [informal], hotty [informal], fox [informal], hottie [informal]
  4. A girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved
    "his sweetheart kicked him out";
    - girlfriend, girl, lady friend, patootie [US, informal]
  5. Someone who is loved (used as term of endearment)
    - beloved, dear, dearest, honey [informal], love, darling, sugar [informal], baby [informal], duck [Brit, informal], hon [informal]
Adjective: sweetheart  'sweet,haa(r)t
  1. Privileged treatment of a favoured person or corporation (sometimes unethically)
    "another sweetheart deal based on political influence"

Derived forms: sweethearts

See also: privileged

Type of: adult female, good person, lover, woman

Encyclopedia: Sweetheart, I Have to Confess