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Adjective: tasteless  teyst-lus
  1. Lacking flavour
  2. Lacking aesthetic or social taste

See also: appreciation, barbaric, bland, brassy [informal], Brummagem [Brit], camp [informal], campy [informal], cheap, discernment, flash [informal], flashy, flat, flavorless [US], flavourless [Brit, Cdn], garish, gaudy, gimcrack, indelicate, inelegant, insipid, kitsch [informal], kitschy [informal], loud, meretricious, nonflavored [US], nonflavoured [Brit, Cdn], off-color [US], off-colour [Brit, Cdn], ostentatious, perceptiveness, pretentious, savorless [US], savourless [Brit, Cdn], tacky [informal], taste, taste property, tatty [informal], tawdry, trashy, unappetising [Brit], unappetizing, unflavored [US], unflavoured [Brit, Cdn], unpalatable, unsalted, unseasoned, vapid

Antonym: tasteful, tasty

Encyclopedia: Tasteless