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Adjective: tasty (tastier,tastiest)  tey-stee
  1. Pleasing to the sense of taste
    "a tasty morsel"
  2. [Brit] Sexually attractive
    "a tasty blonde";
    - dishy [Brit], smoking [Brit], hot [Brit]
  3. [US] Having, showing or conforming to good taste
    - tasteful

Derived forms: tastiest, tastier

See also: acid-tasting, acrid, aesthetic, ambrosial, ambrosian, appetising [Brit], appetizing, appreciation, artistic, beautiful, bitter, bitterish, bittersweet, choice, dainty, delectable, delicious, delish [informal], discernment, elegant, esthetic [US], flavorful [US], flavorous, flavorsome [US], flavourful [Brit, Cdn], flavoursome [Brit, Cdn], fruity, full-bodied, gingery, grapey, grapy, hot, luscious, mild-tasting, minty, nectareous, nectarous, nippy, nutlike, nutty, palatable, peppery, perceptiveness, piquant, pleasant-tasting, pungent, racy, rich, robust, salt, salty, sapid, saporous, savory [US], savoury [Brit, Cdn], scrummy [Brit], scrumptious, semisweet, sharp-tasting, smokey, smoky, sour, sour-tasting, spicy, strong-flavored [US], strong-flavoured [Brit, Cdn], sweet, taste, taste property, toothsome, understated, unostentatious, unpretentious, winey, winy, yummy, zesty

Antonym: tasteless

Encyclopedia: Tasty