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Noun: Taurus  to-rus
  1. The second sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about April 20 to May 20
    - Taurus the Bull, Bull
  2. Venezuelan master terrorist raised by a Marxist-Leninist father; trained and worked with many terrorist groups (born in 1949)
    - Sanchez, Ilich Sanchez, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Carlos, Carlos the Jackal, Salim, Andres Martinez, Glen Gebhard, Hector Hevodidbon, Michael Assat
  3. (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Taurus
    - Bull, Taurean
  4. A zodiacal constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Orion; between Aries and Gemini

Derived forms: Tauruses

Type of: constellation, house, individual, mansion, mortal, person, planetary house, sign, sign of the zodiac, somebody, someone, soul, star sign, terrorist

Part of: zodiac

Encyclopedia: Taurus