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Verb: terminate  'tur-mu,neyt
  1. Bring to an end or halt
    "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I";
    - end
  2. Have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical
    "the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed";
    - end, stop, finish, cease
  3. Be the end of; be the last or concluding part of
    "This sad scene terminated the movie";
    - end
  4. Terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position
    "The company terminated 25% of its workers";
    - displace, fire, give notice, can [N. Amer, informal], dismiss, give the axe [informal], send away, sack, force out, give the sack

Derived forms: terminating, terminates, terminated

Type of: alter, be, change, modify, remove

Encyclopedia: Terminate, with extreme prejudice